School Advisory Council

SAC Chair: Brett Hollinger, Phone: 772-564-3381

IRA School Improvement Plan

Our school will focus on the following two School Improvement Plan Goals to increase academic achievement for our school:

  • SIP Goal #1: Through standards based instruction and assessment, teachers will use effective strategies and presentation of standards based content so that students become proficient in Florida State Standards.
  • SIP Goal #2: Through continued collaboration utilizing Conscious Discipline, our school family will create more effective school-wide and classroom structures so that ALL students can learn in a safe environment.

School Advisory Councils are a diverse group of stakeholders of a school, established through Florida law, with the shared goal of increasing student achievement in a safe learning environment. These councils are referred to as "SAC"

SAC members are elected from their peer groups: Teachers elect Teachers, Staff elect Staff, Parents elect Parents. SAC must represent "the ethnic, racial and economic makeup of the community served by the school."

SAC Duties - Defined by Statutes

  • Assist in the preparation and evaluation of theSchool Improvement
  • Decides how school improvement funds are spent
  • Decides jointly with school faculty how A+ funds are spent except after Nov. 1
  • Assist the principal with the school budget
  • Monitors school safety
  • Assists in school climate survey
  • Liaison to the community

SAC Membership & SAC Minutes